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10th Generation

The legendary Accord gets redesigned inside and out, featuring sophisticated materials, next-level intelligence and Hybrid model updates–once again shaking up the perception of midsize sedans.

40 Years of Accord

When the first Accord hit American shores 40 years ago, it defined a new kind of car. Since then, it’s won 30 Car and Driver's 10Best and now sells at a rate of about one every two minutes.

10 Million and Two-Motor System

On March 20, the 10-millionth Honda Accord was built. Honda also released a two-motor hybrid powertrain that achieved 195 peak, concurrent horsepower and received a 50 mpg EPA city rating.

Safety with Style

This year saw two important safety advances: Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ ACE™ body structure and Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA™).

The First Accord Hybrid

The Accord Hybrid emphasized performance with the Honda IMA (Integrated Motor Assist). It got better mileage than its 4-cylinder counterpart and still hit 0–60 in 6.7 seconds.

Setting New Standards

In 1998, the Accord became the first automobile to meet California’s Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle standards, ushering in a new class of efficient, midsize cars.

Five Generations. More Features.

The fifth-generation Accord included world-class safety features, low emissions and improved environmental considerations. A year later, it got its first V6.

Best Seller in America

This year, Accord became the first vehicle from a non-US-based automaker to earn the title of America’s best-selling automobile.

From America with Love

The ‘88 Accord Coupe was built exclusively at the Ohio plant, making it one of the first domestically-assembled Japanese nameplate vehicles exported to Japan.*

A Vigorous Redesign

In 1982, Honda produced the Accord at an all-new plant in Ohio making us the first Japanese automaker to build cars in America using domestic and globally-sourced parts.

Honda Accord Debuts

Our first Accord was a hatchback that shocked the industry with its features, refinement and high sales. This was followed by a sedan model in 1979.



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